DK City Corporation, founded in 1987 has been venturing on the manufacturing of the products that intend to satisfy the common pursuits of mankind in leading a life style of health, happiness and longer life-expectancy.

DK City with its name originated from Dream Knitting City realizes that, wherever the city dwellers are, the dream of freely enjoying a life of health-and-fit, happiness and rejuvenation remains identical, which is the mission that DK City is committed to fulfill by innovating, designing and manufacturing not only technological but also environment-friendly products.

DK City builds a series of products that extended from high-end furniture, fitness equipment and massage chairs to the recreational electric-scooters and golf cars. It recently devotes tremendous amount of resources to the innovation of the electrical, pollution-free bicycles and motorcycles, all attempting to protect and preserve a piece of clean land for the next generations.

1987 DK City was founded and began to develop, design and build high-end furniture and electrical beds.
1995 Developed, designed and built fitness equipment with brand name dkfitness.
1999 Developed, designed and built Treadmills, Uprights, Recumbents, Ellipticals Trainer and the products of the like.
2000 Innovated, designed and built Electric Scooters and Personal Mobile Vehicles.
2002 DK City Shanghai was founded and began the production of Treadmills and the related products for TV commercial.
2007 Innovated, designed and built Electric Golf Cars, Carbon Emission-Free Electrical Vehicles and Electrical Massage Chairs.
2008 Innovated and developed Electrical Bicycles and Electrical Motorcycles.
2009 DK City launched EZpro e-bikes at 2009 Taipei Cycle Show DK City partnered with well-known American design company ROBRADY to develop db0 folding e-bike series→db0 folding e-bike had been awarded 2009 Spark Award Golden Prize.
2010 db0-3.0 is available in the market.
2011 Launched dbX e-moto products and power wheel.
2012 DK City launches the dbRevO power wheel and D2R bike trainer.
2013 Stunning New Design and Bluetooth Technology Introduced.
2014 New factory was activated to magnify DK’s production power. Debut new commercial product line to the market.
2015 Distribut on Commerical use cardio machines, and focus on the word wide internation fitness market.
2016 Release Gemini Series for Hotels and high level home users.